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Aims and Objectives

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide anyone from a lone entrepreneur with a great idea, to an established business executive, who decides to go solo, the ease and empowering experience of small business ownership. When people think of owning their own business, often they think of long days and nights working, stressed balancing life for family and friends, and the cost to make it all happen.

Grow My Small Business solves these concerns through our simple and robust business practices, procedures, business model and style, helping make entrepreneurship the experience you dreamed it would be. Our mission is simple: to simplify the day to day management of your small business; to make entrepreneurship a great experience; and provide the most cost effective options available, so you can stay focused on product development and position yourself and company to compete, innovate and grow.

How We Do This

Grow My Small Business's four core principals of Strategy, Options, Impact and Action (SOIA) are fundamental to achieving our client objectives. It starts with your business or project Strategy, assess all Options for maximum Impact and inspired Action, woven into every project, consultation, plan, troubleshoot and coordination we deliver. When our clients are confronted with challenges, as Small Business Owner always are, they're equipped to navigate any situation at ease, allowing continued focus on product development.

Our model of service deliver was designed for Small Business Owners to simplify and successfully manage the five basic building blocks of small business: Strategic; Financial; Sales & Marketing; and Operations Management. This has always been a challenge for a small business owner to oversee in the past. Grow My Small Business fills this void in the small business marketplace, bringing a centralized experience for entrepreneurs to get basic services without countless hours of internet research, consultation and trial and error. Even after all that time and effort, it's possible to arrive at the wrong solution without accounting for strategic business goals, context of the research and the proper questions to ask potential vendors.

Small businesses make up 99.7% of businesses in the United States according to the Small Business Administration. Of the almost 28 million small businesses in America today, almost 80% are run without any employees and over 50% are home-based.

There's no one place in the market to turn to, so most entrepreneurs either opt for the dreaded, 'let me ask a friend who knows how to do what I need', or go with the first company they contact. This takes time, energy and can be a daunting experience, contacting a fragmented market of countless vendors and companies offering a variety of products, services and features.

Anyone can engage in small business ownership successfully taking advantage of our services in 3 simple options: Consultation and Project Management; Production Department; Do-It-Yourself; or combination of the three. Whether you're an entrepreneur with no time and prefer a Consultant of your Own, or someone who wants to save money, and are a little computer savvy, Do-It-Yourself is perfect. Others would rather work on a project to project basis. We do all the hard work for you, so you have piece of mind knowing everything is being managed and you can enjoy family, friends and more time to develop your product. Make entrepreneurship the experience you dreamed it would be. Fun. Fulfilling. Exciting.

Make entrepreneurship the experience you dreamed it would be. Fun. Fulfilling. Exciting.

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