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Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a start-up, an established small business, or if you’re thinking about venturing out on your own, growing your business and increasing revenue are key benchmarks every business owner seeks out.

Whether you have a store location, office or working from home, juggling and staying on top of the development, building and growth of your business can and does get overwhelming. Keeping track of this project in one hand, talking with this vendor in another hand, family, friends, all while building and running your business.

There is one company focused on providing a centralized Business Center, for small businesses – Hire a Consultant to manage your projects or Do-It-Yourself with powerful online tools, focused on the growth of your business. Grow My Small Business, will eliminate the hassle and frustration of running your business, freeing up more time to focus on improving your product, expand your services, reaching out to your niche, or take that well-deserved vacation.

These key essentials will raise the profile of your business, keep you organized, and give a positive, professional image of your company to your target audience, while  transforming your passion into your own profitable business.  


Company identity

What do you want people to think and say about you and your company? What makes your company stand out from the rest?  What’s your niche?  What need do you fulfill? That is your company identity.

Company identity and brand can be communicated through your website, logo and other promotional company information, as well as the quality of products or services you provide. And a well-designed, cohesive identity can help establish your business. 

Steve Jobs once said that good design captures the essence of a product or company, and then expresses that essence in outer layers. Do your website and logo and other marketing pieces communicate that powerful message?



A blend of online strategies and print materials are essential to getting your company name out there.

Once you’ve built a solid website, know that it’s simply not enough to launch a site and hope that people will see it.  Implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies that will drive traffic to your website.

When people Google, looking for a company with products or services that you provide, you want your company name to appear toward the top of that list.  Grow My Small Business can help you create your ideal key-word list and help you create an effective back-end description.

When people visit your site, capture your visitors’ contact info, and build your contact database. Express Email Marketing by GMSB is one of GSMB’s simple, but Powerful Tools to capture information so that you can contact your target market on a consistent basis.

Blogging, articles, getting your link on other websites and other strategies can maximize exposure and get more viewers to your site. Reach out to your viewers by social media as well.  Find out which social media platforms are best for your audience.  Once you do, you can attract followers who will then share your news feeds. 

Even in this world of all things digital, some professional-looking printed materials are essential and useful in marketing your company.  You’d be surprised at how many entrepreneurs have no printed materials. A tangible piece – perhaps distributed as a direct mail campaign or simply used as handouts at a productive meeting – will leave that little extra impression. Building on your logo and web site, have some brochures, postcards, and of course business cards professionally designed and create a cohesive look for your company. 


Company Infrastructure

Put in place a few basics to keep everything organized, so that you can continue focus on growing your business.

Build your brand identity and professionally communicate with customers with business class email displaying your domain name. Grow My Small Business, has other money saving Do-It-Yourself, online tools including Business Class Email, plus Online Calendar, Website Builder, Search Engine Visibility and Word Press Hosting.

An online calendar will help you keep track of your deadlines, meetings and other important dates and make it compatible with your business class email.

For peace of mind, consider a secure backup system, outside of your home desktop or laptop. Storing data on a cloud allows you to access your information from any computer with just an Internet connection and offers an additional measure of security.

For the old-school customers who still use a fax machine, consider setting up a fax system in which you receive faxes via email.  Except, you will not need another dinosaur piece of equipment taking up space in your office. When a person sends you a fax, you will receive a scanned document by email, saving you a lot of paper.

This may sound a little overwhelming, especially when all you really want to focus on is your product or service. One place understands this. GMSB offer solutions for the entrepreneur who wants to save time and money, with Do-It-Yourself online tools. You can also choose to have your own personal Business Consultant, to help you manage all aspects of your projects from start to finish, and provide guidance, a unique strategy and implementation plan, recommendations and support. Free up your time with GMSB – professionals who specialize in taking the hassle out of managing and growing your small business.

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